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Welcome to Our Playland!

I’ll be reading this word for word on Saturday:

Much time has passed since River Keep was made settle-worthy. Ten years have passed, and the keep that had been cleared 10 years ago enjoyed a reasonable calm for almost the entire decade.

Improvements to the defenses have been made^ and a small village Ravenwood has thrived under the keep’s protective watch.

The rumors that the keep was haunted had washed away when the remainder of the kobolds occupying it were slain… until last month.

Reports of missing people started 6 weeks ago, reports of screams coming from the basement of the keep started 2 weeks after that, and as of 4 days ago, the merchants from the keep never arrived to pick up their merchandise.

We have sent a spy named Lenu to the area, who will officially be 1 day late as of 10pm this evening (cue lightning in the background)^^

We fear the worst has happened. Find out everything you can from the River Keep, and report back to us in 4 days.

Main Page

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